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Choosing a Remodeling Company

Nobody enjoys the time lost, mess or work involved in a remodeling project. Rooms have to be prepared; furniture and floors covered, masking, wall and ceiling preparation, and then the work begins. If you've never had a professional do this for you (or even if you have), please read on.
In selecting a professional to handle your decorating needs, you should ask questions about:

Quality of materials

Everyone knows experience is the best teacher. Yes, just about anyone can paint or remodel. The experienced professional, however, knows how to do it right, using the best materials and tools. Don't forget, when you remodel, it will probably be for many years, and you will want it done properly. We strive to be as clean and professional as we can. The site will stay neat, our men are professional and courteous, never using foul language or loud music, and we work to the best of our talents and abilities. We stand by our work and we want you to be our reference too.
References, of course, will tell the story of past work and experience. The wise shopper will call others who have had work performed by the contractor. References should always be furnished upon request. Most of our work comes through referrals so we desire to have you as satisfied with our work as possible, so that you may want to recommend every one you know to use us.
If you would like a "pro" handle your remodeling needs, call us and ask the above questions. I'll be glad to answer them. We proudly have been working in our hometowns for over 20 years and we stand firmly behind our work. We have complete comprehensive and liablilty insurance; not everyone does! It is important that those working for you have insurance, especially on larger projects for your own safety, so make sure you check before you start!

Thank you.

Tom and Bryan

...Nantom was wonderful! Your guys were neat, quiet, courteous, punctual... the work they did was wonderful. If you need a letter of reference, someone for a phone reference, or if you want to bring someone over to see the finished work on my basement, please let me know!

         ...Lisa, a current Internet Job customer.

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